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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 127 - 02/02/07

Piece of Paradise

Second album from the Norwegian band from the Bergen area, where a lot of promising bands and artists have evolved from the last years. This is a true girl rock band, and I have missed such a band to make impact on me over the years. I don't know what the missing link is, but there's something that makes the whole idea maybe a bit constructed. I have open ears this time to see if Furia can convince me, that I'm wrong...

At first when listening in general it feels very polished, very radio friendly (like the track "Piece Of Paradise"), very unnecessary multi-layered guitar noise, which in my ears becomes a bit boring. I think Stine Kobbeltvedt's voice is good, but not always in front of the song where I want it to be. That's not probably Furia's fault, but the producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (SMS) eager to transform Furia's expression from their former debut album. Furia aren't Tool or System of a Down, which SMS has produced before, and now and then the soft side of Furia shines through. I like the title track and "Goodbye Sweet Sorrow", with Paul Waaktaar from A-ha.

It seems like too much has been expected from the producer this time. She has not had good enough material to work with to do miracles. It's not completely my cup of tea. Is my theory still valid about rock girl groups? I'm not sure, they rock. That's true, but if they should have a life beyond this album, they need to focus more on the songs than long slow guitar solos. The album feels a bit out of tune with rest of the rock scene, and in this case it's not very flattering.

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