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The Sad Part
Black Freighter

Spielerfrau (footballer's wife in German) is an intriguing band. Frontman Michael Idov delivers his lyrics in a soft but forceful tone set to a soundtrack of Tindersticks-like late night music.

"Social Call" sounds suitably misanthropic but not aggressive with it. "My Intended" intones "Goddam you learn" over a surprisingly sprightly backing. "Dear Leader" sees Idov singing his words in that sly half-whisper of his while the band play like the Bad Seeds after a long night on the town. Later he sings, "I want to punch someone in the face" without raising his voice an inch, and it's creepy. Later he directs his scorn towards "ms. Aralpragsams paper tigers in press releases" and means singer MIA and her supposed Tamil tiger father. This makes for some uncomfortable listening of the convincing kind. Very neat debut in all.

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