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Chainsaw Of Life
Munich Records

I'm a Jim White fan. Ever since I saw the title "Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus" I couldn't help myself but being forever fascinated by anything the man has laid his creative hands upon. So, lately he's been hanging out with Johnny Dowd and Willie B in a shack in upstate New York, recording songs by himself and Dowd. Southern boys going up north to work. There's something not right about that - and that's what the record feels like too.

Unfortunately, there are just a few songs on the album that don't feel like the hobby project it is. "Fireworks Factory" stands out as a solid White composition, in words and melody. The way I love him. Followed by the beautiful "A Man Loves His Wife", the peak of the album is sadly reached.

Next stop is nine numbers later, last track, "Dream On", which is as beautiful as any balladry from White. It could have been so much more interesting, so much more unlike both Dowd and White, so much more worth its own weight. But I'm sad to say I will need to go for an iPod-sollution on this one, save the three fabulous songs and put the record back in the shelves.

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