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Fort Recovery
Cooking Vinyl

Centro-Matic has been around since 1995, although you might not have recognized them under that name. Really, it's one of the options Will Johnson has for a name as he's recording. The other two being under his own name and South San Gabriel, which I'd also recommend you to check out.

Lately bands such as My Morning Jacket has caught the attention of listeners and names like Okkerville River and Slobberbone has gotten some mentioning. In my opinion Centro-Matic/Will Johnson/South San Gabriel is worth all the mentioning they could get. Then again, they might be making it difficult for themselves with the switching between names.

Well, it's not in the name, it's in the music. Still it's the unique sound that they create, with the voice of Johnson that stands out the most. And that's absolutely more than enough still. I'm not into it for the hits or the elegance - it's dirty in a very sublime and beautiful way. A record well worth its money and more.

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