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Flaming Fire
When the High Bell Rings
Silly Bird Records

This is an incredibly odd record. Discordant rhythms get applied and the singers wail like banshees. Patrick Hembretcht comes across as Einar from the Sugarcubes while Lauren Weinstein and Kate Hembretcht sing relatively harmonically. "High bell" is based on a Biblical tale of a female sacrifice. The band runs an online project where various artists illustrate the Bible. They still sound like a band possessed by all kinds of evil spirits.

"Astral Traveler" is strangely tuneless but still kinda fun as the band howls their heads off about outer space. "Dark Night" approaches a traditional pop song, a pretty vocal lead against a neat backdrop of guitars. "Lemon Isis" combines Egyptian myth with an unsavory Serge Gainsbourg tune.

They are a weird bunch, and this record is strange but fun. Not for the faint heated though.

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