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coverpic flag US - New Mexico - Full Moon 129 - 04/02/07

Ron Romanovsky
Pittsburgh to Paris
Fresh Fruit Records

Ron Romanosvky crafts quirky very European-flavored music on his new record. It's all accordions and slightly campy concerns.

"When Saying Goodbye" is delicate and sweet, Romanovsky singing of wanderlust. The French-sung "American en France" continues the cosmopolitan mood and the accordions chime in nicely. "The "Gay in Paree" describes the men of Paris as fey, making the singer or his alter ego feel butch. He likes the situation since he's always been described as fey himself. The humorous song is winningly performed and irresistible. He performs "Sympathique" by Pink Martini nicely and gives us some more looks at life in Paris and Pittsburgh. Very nice record in all.

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