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Kim Taylor
I Feel Like A Fading Light

Kim Taylor's record is pleasant as in pleasing to the ear. Her voice is light as caress and her music is vaguely folk-inspired, vaguely Americana and all lush. "People" revolves around a regretful "You don't talk to me no more" almost whispered by Taylor. The guitars chime in gently. "My Dress is Hung" is pretty like Mary Lou Lord and twice as good. The words aren't complicate and the harmonica adds a nice touch.

The tenderness of "Baby I Need You" is intensely appealing and vulnerable. Taylor's girlish voice is the perfect vehicle for it. "(Do You Know The) Troubled Mind" is a little tougher and that makes for a great song. Taylor doesn't do anything new, but she does her thing so well that it hardly matters.

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