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The Elmocombo, Toronto, Oct. 30th 97
The Inbreds, Thrush Hermit, Plumtree, 4-star Movie

After much fuss and cafufle this show got underway in the midst of Ontario's largest political protest: the teacher's strike (thank god!). After standing outside for a while in the nippy October afternoon, the show's organizer Dave Humphreys decided it would be OK for us kids to come in. So up the creaky steps of the Elmocombo we ventured late that would-be school night.

First up, was Toronto's little-known 4-star Movie, who did a nice set. They played Honey Glaze (something was just terribly wrong during that song, too bad too, 'cuz it's a really good one!) off of their 7" on Skull Geek records, and that song with the kazoo, and shakers. Somehow that set didn't seem to get too much of a positive reaction from the crowd, which is unfortunate for 4-star Movie. I think it was because they didn't play the song with the keyboard, that song iz cool. I actually blame the crowd for that large empty space in front of the stage, just 'cuz they aren't on Murder doesn't mean they suck, geez!

Next up were Plumtree. It was the 5th time I'd seen them this year, (second time that day!) and I feel pretty comfortable saying that if you've seen them play once, you've seen them a million times. But it was nice to hear some songs off the new record Plumtree Predicts The Future - always lots of fun, and hey, if you can't get into dancing to Plumtree, you just can't have fun! I believe they had a dancing contest for a free CD.

Then the real mind-blowing performances began, Thrush Hermit, as always were the mighty kings of live performance. They got out that neon "rock'n'roll" sign, (if just watching them set that giant thing up on that tiny stage, didn't get you excited, then check your pulse, I think you're dead.) Boy can they rock, they played stuff off of Great Pacific Ocean and Sweet Homewrecker, as expected, but there were a couple treats in there as well. I don't know what exactly it is that the Hermits do live that makes them so damn cool but it just can't be topped.

I think that wild performance made the Inbreds a little edgy, bassist Mike O'Neill seemed a tad uncomfortable as they set up, and throughout the set he made comments like "you're all naked so you can't hurt me". But despite the sweat rolling down his face, and the overdone lighting that ruined Dave's lovely hand-made light show, they played a very good show. They played 2 new songs set to be on the new record in March - Get along and White Caps, which went over quite well, some treasures of that set were I guess the beloved Any Sense Of Time, You Will Know, and Amelia Earheart - the priceless stuff off of Kombinator.

It was nice to see the Inbreds touring as their usual "just guitar and base" format. They said it was because it was too expensive to bring a guitarist along, but whatever the reason, it is definitely nice to see them back to the way they seem most natural. That set was particularly long, just over an hour I believe, and most of the younger kids had filed sadly out the door by the time the last song rolled around. But all in all I was impressed, not only with the slick timing of the show, but the entire way the gig was organized (although I'm not a fan of the way the upstairs of the Elmocombo is set up). A bit pricey, but definitely worth every penny. Good stuffz! I will humbly await these bands' return.

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