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YoYo Band
Bonton Music

It's been a year since the premier issue of the Luna Kafeé and one year since I reviewed this band. It's only fitting to look back at what has changed during this year.

Gejza is YoYo Band's newest release, and like their other titles it provides a frustrating experience. Clearly there are at least three hits here; but also there are a handful of embarrassments. While the band's formula remains the same (Caribbean rhythms and sexually charged lyrics), this time Gejza serves up less of an adventure and more of an attitude than they did in their previous outings.

Promisingly though, Husa v troube (The Goose in the Oven) kicks off the proceedings with a spirited merengue:
Biskoupek zlatej Golden 'parson's nose'
buclaty stehna chubby thighs
krupava kuzicka crunchy skin
prsa jak ze sna dream breasts
pivo a velkej dzban. beer and a big jug.
Neni to moc zdravy It's not too healthy
ale je to dobry. but it is good.

Are we really just talking food here?

But after this, Jiri Sima and Mirek Linhart go over territories they both have already covered (and much better) on the last album Jenom kour (Bonton 1996). The same goes for by now a standard reggae tune, a calypso in need of a percussionist and a rock tune which sounds like a leftover from the Dej mi prachy na klobouk (Bonton 1995) re-release of their tunes from the 80's.

However, the next two cuts restored my faith in YoYo Band. Na silnici z Loun (On the Road from Louny) combines a kind of a ska rhythm with a jazzy acoustic piano and 'On the road from Louny/I became so horny' lyrics. And the following title opens with pan flute sounds and verses about Gejza, the upstairs neighbor, and his relentless partying. Usually lyrics are the weak point of Tesarik Brothers' songwriting, but here they provide an almost poignant story delivered in appropriately worn out voices.

Then, back to medium tempo reggae and lame funk until the last cut. This hillarious remake of the Harry Belafonte's classic, "Here they come and I wanna go home" is not about bananas - it's about teeth and the dental practice of a certain Dr. Kalina!

So what has changed in this past year? In addition to a real drummer, YoYo Band now also has Peter Pavlik, a real bass player. But what is missing this time (other than a pecussionist) is more variety. Since all the song writers in the band have developed characteristic formulas by now, Gejza lacks variety in sounds and arrangements, in tempi and in the moods of expression. Still, there are enough cuts here that will one day make the 'Best of the YoYo Band' compilation.

And to all fellow Lunatics: Happy Anniversary!

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