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Baby Blue
Baby Blue EP
Baby Blue

Italian quartet Baby Blue formed in 2004, and got good reviews in Italy for their 2005 demo. This 6 song EP/mini presents the band to a bigger audience.

The music is centred around the charismatic vocals of Serena Altavilla, and Baby Blue performs screamadelic, whimsical indie rock. Mainly straightforward, but with turns inside more entertaining landscapes. Guitarist Mirko Madaleno is also co-vocalist, and fills out Serena's part both vocally (effect filled), as well as with some nice guitar work. The rhythm section (drummer Graziano and bass-man Duccio) is tight, and together they turn Baby Blue into a well sounding unit. Of the tracks "River" and the punky "So Much" stands out as the better songs. "Herzog" (an ode to the German director?) is tougher and rawer, while "Alligator" is more of a funny tune.

Not mind-blowing stuff, but definitely cool and charming.

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