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Rattus and the Scientific Method Orchestra
Kind of Hell
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I like it when mystic/exotic packets arrive in my (snail) mail P.O. box. This CD by Rattus is one of those. At first I thought Rattus to be either some punk or heavy metal type of band. The disc has even some barbed wire design on it. Rattus. Kind of Hell. Agree? Well, Alexey "Rattus" Sukhorukov proved me wrong.

Rattus performs some kind of ambient electronica or electronic ambience, including some more up-beat parts, spiced with a touch of exotic Russian folklore. This 3 song (ca 12 minute long) EP is a tasty presentation of the great Eastern. "Appearance", "Kind of Hell" (with a Russchian accordion and all) and "Disappearance" are 3 instrumental tracks combining the electronica genre with soundscapes from the post-rock landscape. There's also a CD-rom/multimedia 'track' included on the disc, with a short and cryptic presentation of this project, saying: "Content: simple music, nervous sound, poor mixing and mastering". I don't totally agree. It's simple, yes, but not at all poor. Kind of Hell feels good.

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