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Turn Down the Lights
Charming Pop Recordings

Charming live up to the name, vocalist Nicole St.Clair Stoops sings everso sweetly while guitarists Ravi Krishnaswami plays like a new Johnny Marr. This is their third album and its freshness is apparent. The sound harks back to both the indiepop nineties and the sixties. "Lost and Found" sounds very early nineties, soulful bass line, Stoops vocal coos and a neat chorus. It's Saint Etienne all over with dashes of early Cardigans. The title song tells of a strange pop career to a ridiculously catchy tune. Stoops sings angelically of a lady who crashes and burns.

"Stranger(I'll never be a)" is a gloriously soulful ballad that really shows off the singers voice. The sixties influence is very apparent here. "I Was Wrong" with its Northern Soul vibes and winning attitude is another highlight. Charming have made a good album for pop fans all over.

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