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The Brides of Obscurity
Extended Play

Twice earlier we've reviewed the works of Gary Reynolds here at Luna Kafé. Some six years ago I was charmed by his POP project, launching the record More Disposable POP Songs. Last year Gary Reynolds & The Brides Of Obscurity's album Instant Happiness was reviewed by our man JP, who underlined Gary Reynold's certain skills in writing and arranging songs. Influenced by Bowie, Beatles (Lennon), T-Rex, and more. Now they are The Brides of Obscurity, and I'm not charmed I'm afraid.

Extended Play is a 5 song mini, and for me it's a total turn-off. Sounding like bad MOR retro rock, lacking soul. There are some nice harmonies and a few moments showing Reynolds' talent. But, all in all I find this disc boring, not interesting, filled with clichés - melodically as well as lyrically. Harsh words, but true words. Sorry.

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