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The Mood Elevator
Married Alive
Doppler / Laughing Outlaw

I'm not really sure what is Brendan Benson's focus these days, but the man certainly gets his drift from the mother load of power pop. If he's got an iPod I can't imagine it being stuffed with much that hasn't got a serious chorus and three-part harmonies.

Here's a re-release of a record that first came out in 2003. The Mood Elevator is actually the same band that recorded Benson's Lapalco and has been his band before and after that. The other main Mood Elevator is Chris Plum, who's been playing with Benson since high school. And that's what this record sounds like; a bunch of guys that has been playing together for a while and like to play around. It's a fun record, a sun record and a well crafted record. Anyone listening to this and not tapping their feet presumably has a disability - and I excuse them.

They have the songs, the sound and the... well, mood. It's a timeless record that makes me wanna go to the beach and believe I might be cool.

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