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Me and You
St. Ives

Snowglobe equal joy. They've come up with an amusing record with this one, Me And You, which holds 26 (!) tracks recorded over quite some time in various spaces.

The Memphis based bunch of songwriters (mainly Brad Postlethwaite and Brandon Robertson) make a collective leading your thoughts against Elephant 6. Musically this is somewhere in that direction. Think Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System. But there are also some country-tingled songs, and glimpses of Flaming Lips-style stretched rock. In other words, this is branded as: 'cosmic American music', and the Byrds and Gram P. are mentioned.

Of the 26 tracks some are shorter, some are longer. Some are more sketch-like, others ripe and ready. Fact is that Me And You is not brilliant all the time, but it's a joyful roller coaster ride - with very little 'dull' periods. There are loads of instruments, nifty arrangements, nice harmonies - and a singing saw. What more can you ask for? Check out this band! They've put out several albums. This one is a limited vinyl edition on the St. Ives label. Their debut was called Our Land Brains (Bardot, 2002), and was hailed as 'pop album of the year' by Pitchfork. Doing The Distance (Makeshift) acme in 2005. Then there's last year's Oxytocin (Makeshift). Plus many solo recordings. Go get some.

Me And You is jolly, merry and filled with charm. Making me want to be miniaturized so that I could've drilled a hole at the top of Snowglobe's sphere and dived into their weird, wonderful and glittery pool of music.

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