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Rosie Thomas
These Friends Of Mine
Nettwerk Records/Sing-a-long Records

The quiet, soothing sounds of Rosie Thomas has made their way to her fourth album. To simplify matters, she has named the record after the process it was made; with friends. At the core of this process is two of them, as producers, Denison Witmer and Sufjan Stevens. The latter well know to most everybody by now, the former quite to unknown, at least to me.

Stevens trademark sound - marching-band drums, wide harmonies etc. - is easy to find on this recording, although with easier touches than on his own recordings. Rosie's former record If Songs Could Be Held had a band playing her songs, here it's a more sparse performance. The difference becoming really obvious in the arrangements. I'm sure the songs this time around are just as good, although with less treatment. In the end they don't stick with me for as long and impress me less than If Songs....

Although the opener "If This City Never Sleeps", the R.E.M.-cover "The One I Love" and the beautiful title track, that closes the record, are all stunning in both melody, song and tale. The rest of this short collection (at only 33 minutes) could use more instrumentation and edge to them.

I'm still in love with Rosie, I just want to meet more of her friends.

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