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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 132 - 06/30/07

Polly Paulusma
Fingers & Thumbs
One Little Indian / Tuba!

Paulusma made a quiet but lasting impression in 2004 with her debut album Scissors In My Pocket. A record that didn't exactly knock about neither the charts nor the dancefloors. But that's not what it takes for great music in itself. Since then she's been supporting Dylan, had a baby and now releasing her second album.

Here's a different focus when it comes to expression and arrangements then the first time around. She still manages to keep that strong intimacy, and although the songs here are louder (as far as loud goes for Paulusma) there is a certain calm surrounding these songs. She was hailed as "the new Joni Mitchell" by her debut, but here's a bit more of Edie Brickell and even bits and pieces of soul music. A blend that grows on me as I have given the record some time and attention.

Polly Poulusma is indeed a fine songwriter and singer, which her second coming confirms.

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