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The 99th Floor
Eclectic Guitar
Café Superstar/Tuba

The 99th Floor was formed in Norway in the late 80's, released a stunning debut in 1988 (Little Painkillers), followed with an EP two years later and then vanished. They resurfaced as Swim and released their only record under that name in 1995, Swimsical. They even had a minor "hit" in Norway with their single "Miss Being Miserable With You". Well, since then it's been all quiet on the western front.

And what a marvelous thing that they haven't really aged a bit since then! Just like the music they're playing, the timelessness seems to have embraced both the writing and recording of this album. Influences must be bands such as Violent Femmes, Hüsker Dü, The Jam and probably a hundred more power-pop and rock bands throughout history. And that's just what they do so well, blending it all in a very tasty bowl.

Favourites count the opener "He Will Get To Call You Sweet Things Now", "Everybody Else Was Cool" and the lovely classic riffs and sound of "Like A Dog". The vocals aren't great throughout every tune but when it's good it's absolutely perfect for the tunes. The production could've been both rougher and much more right-on-target, but that's not a demand on a record with songs as good as these. Craftsmen of pop reaches out anyway - and here's another evidence of the survival of solid good pop-music. "I hated Sting and you loved punk" is a wonderful confession in the perfectly titled "Trampoline" (are you up 'cause I'm down - are you down 'cause I'm up().

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