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Andrew Bird
Armchair Apocrypha
Fat Possum Records / Fargo Records

Andrew Bird's 2005 album The Mysterious Production of Eggs has been on quite heavy rotation in my home over the last year. And, here's a new contender, an even better album! I believe.

Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist (picked up the violin at the age of 4) Bird is a true genius when it comes to pulling delicate, romantic, low-voiced, soothing pop-songs from the more shadowy paths. Like Sufjan Stevens, or Mark Linkous, or even Conor Oberst (even though Bird is much less "down", more up-beat) Andrew Bird really is delivering enchanting and thrilling stuff - touching, catchy and pleasing. Armchair Apocrypha is his 7th studio album (counting records done by his group the Bowl of Fire). And what bliss! Between the mild breeze of the opening "Fiery Crash", to the careful (instrumental) closing track, "Yawn At The Apocalypse" there are many a highlight. Andrew Bird brings quite a scale of moods and colours, inspired by a wide spectre of genres. He's sounding like a true and full artist, and Armchair Apocrypha must bring him to an even bigger audience than ...Eggs did. I mean, who can resist a whistling pop song with style and of class?

I'm not really sure if Armchair Apocrypha is better than ...Eggs. Actually they're both excellent.

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