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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 132 - 06/30/07

Patrick Cleandenim
Baby Comes Home
Broken Horse / Ba Da Bing! Records

The young man called Patrick Cleandenim is ambitious. He longs to recreate the orchestrated pop of Scott Walker or erect the wall of sound again. His debut is a fair attempt. Vocally he can't soar like Walker, but he's a persuasive one. The title song is a future classic. The jazz vamp of "Hypnotized" is sexy and thrilling as Cleandenim sings of love.

"Rocket to the Moon" playfully achieves a cheerful flirting with a classic sound. "So You Think You're Gonna Live Forever" is a classy, sparkly song with a sting. Cleandenim nearly fulfills his ambitions and that's enough here.

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