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Down Below It's Chaos
Sub Pop

Seattle four-piece Kinski (named after Klaus?) have come to their 6th album, 2 years after their last one, Alpine Static, and they're still into the fuzzed and narcotic layers of noisy-rock thing. The Sonic Youth school of rock, sort of.

Kinski sound tough and cool, and their song titles are that as well, just taste: "Crybaby Blowout", "Plan, Steal, Drive", "Silent Biker Type", "Dayroom at Narita Int'l.", "Punching Goodbye out Front" - they could all have been American independent film titles. "Argentina Turner" is maybe too cheesy a title. Anyway, the guitars of Chris Martin and Matthew Reid Schwartz (also keyboards) works well in building the sound waves slowly cascading.

"Boy, Was I Mad!" is one of my favourites, from an album which is quite okay. However, I get this idea of thinking of Kinski as a far better, far tougher live act than what's this studio recording shows. Get a ticket to the ride somwhere.

(To be released August 2nd.)

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