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flag England - Full Moon 133 - 07/30/07

Pale Heather
In the Wendy House

Pale Heather is the solo project by seasoned musician Heather Slater. The record is raw and direct and bristles with energy. The haunted vocals of "Annie's Little Effigy" barely suggest its sad tale of school bullying. "Vampire Kiss" is about addiction and Slater brings emotion to her tale, the music's all horror movie strings and mumbled vocals.

The dissonant "Sweet Naomi" recalls the Raincoats' arty punk, Slater's all the more impressive for playing everything herself. Her deadpan vocal and fuzzy guitar is probably not for everyone, but she's gifted. "The Colorado Lounge" was inspired by the movie "The Shining" and might give you nightmares. Slater plays a mean guitar on it.

This album's wonderful and Slater's a real talent.

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