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Robert Burås
Aug 12, 1975 - Jul 12, 2007

Robert Burås has passed away. He was the guitar player and an essential creative force in Madrugada for more than ten years, one of Norway's most popular and finest bands through the last decade. He played the guitar with increasing authority and had established himself as a keeper of cool rock aesthetics both musically and otherwise. His guitar playing was never exuberant, but rather he found the right few notes at the right time, firmly based in the Keith Richards tradition. He gave Madrugada a needed edge, and while I am sure he enjoyed being a part of that great band, he also made two critically hailed albums with his other band, My Midnight Creeps, in which he was in the driver seat more or less alone. There he drove deeper into Stones territory. His playing was rougher and the lyrics darker, with lashes of droning psychedelia and garage sensibility thrown in the mix. Some say he was first and foremost a guitar player, but the two My Midnight Creeps albums shows that he also could be a terrific songwriter on his own, and a very expressive singer, delivering his songs with an urgency that makes it hard to escape the feeling that some of the songs were related to his personal life. At only 31, he died with his guitar in his hands.


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