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Racer Age
Men and Machines
Racer Age Music

Three piece Racer age has come up with their debut album, after two EPs. It's still more of the 1970s groovious hard rock thing, plus glimpses of 1990s stoner rock influences.

Their debut EP was reviewed here some four years ago, which means Racer age now have matured and grown 4 years older. And they have become a better band as well. Yet, I feel they should've spent some more time in the editing room ('kill your darlings', as the saying is in the world of film) with their debut Men and Machines. The album - holding 8 tracks - clocks in at almost one hour, which is a long time to hold the listeners attention. Take for instance the wide-stretched title track, nearly 10 minutes long. I feel it's lacking some needed focus. Same thing with "Break the Circle", going on for even longer. That said Racer age play music which is supposed to keep going on and on. And also, the album holds quite some quality time, such as "Dead Man's Blues", and the awesome "The Kingdom Ain't Enough" - a killer track, reminding me of Motorpsycho back in their monster heyday. "Snake Oil" is also a cool track. But, as mentioned, I feel that the album should have been edited a bit in its running time.

The band is said to have loads of live experience, and must for sure kick serious butt from any stage near you.

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