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Radical Face
Morr Music

Radical Face is Ben Cooper, a 24 year old masterminded composer who's also part of the duo Electric President (with Alex Kane, who's added his bass to two of the songs here). With his Radical Face Ghost long player he's presenting a concept album about houses (and souls - his own anyway) filled with ghosts. And it's a scaringly beautiful record.

The label's teaser sticker says this is vocal-based song writing somewhat recalling Paul Simon, Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Sufjan Stevens. One could also add Sparklehorse. Cooper is a true indie genius, and with the exception of a few guest appearances he's done everything here. Ghost is written, arranged, performed, produced and mixed by Cooper. It's hard to pick favourites off the record. I feel that the record should spin from start to end, without any interruption. Repeatedly. But, "Glory" is...uhh, glorious, and "The Strangest Things" is the album's chilliest moment. There's also "Winter is Coming", and of course the monumental and majestic "Sleepwalking". This is one of the records of 2007. No doubt. Filled with emotions and melancholy. With 'sheer beauty' as middle name.

Believe in ghosts. Get yourself a house Ghost.

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