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Dinosaur Jr.
Melbourne Forum, Melbourne, AU, 12.7.07

Back when I was 16 there was this guy in my class at school called Neil Clark. He was generally quiet, but he didn't get picked on because he played the guitar. He gave me the guitar tab for "Alive" by Pearl Jam, and he had a purple Dinosaur Jr T-shirt with a cow on it.

Why a cow? I had no idea. All I knew was that this band had to be cool. So, I bought my first CD: Where You Been by Dinosaur Jr. Not only was it my first CD, but I bought it without hearing what the music sounded like. I just trusted Neil Clark and his cow T-shirt.

Thanks Neil, for introducing me to Dinosaur Jr back in 1993. And thanks J, Murph and Lou for reuniting and visiting Melbourne. I've now got my own cow T-shirt.

The Mascis whine and sizzling soloing are as essential as ever, and songs like "Out There" and "Feel The Pain" make me realise that I was wrong to sell my CDs of Where You Been and Without A Sound when I made my grand music cull in the move from England to Australia.

Great band. Great sound. Great T-shirt.

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