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Pony Up!
Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes
Dim Mak Records / Laughing Outlaw Records

The four young ladies (sisters, room-mates, co-workers, and lifelong friends) of Pony Up! put out their debut EP 2 years ago. Here's the long playing follow up, and it's a charming piece of work. Sorry, charming is maybe not the best adjective to receive when reviewed. Yet, charm it has to be. Pure and genuine.

Pony Up! formed on new year's eve 2002. Laura Wills (keyboards), Sarah Moundroukas (guitar), Lisa J. Smith (bass) and Lindsay Wills (drums) let the mic rotate for the leading vocal parts. At first I thought mid 1980s R.E.M. Then 10.000 Maniacs came to mind. Of newer stuff the Mendoza Line popped into my head. Yes, indie/college rock with a jangly twist is about right. Catchy songs, but not a new magic wheel. Just a healthy dose of pop charm.

Worth checking out, for some good old indie pop romance.

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