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Mark Abis
Changing Inside

I first got word about Mark Abis from a friend and had neither heard of his name nor his music. Didn't know what to expect as the first chords came out of the speakers. As it turned out, not a chord disappointed me.

This is his debut album, hosting songs written from as far back as 1995 and up until now. But these are songs well worth waiting for. Then again, it might take a certain mood or perception to really go with him. A song like "Summerbreeze" doesn't sound much like summer to me. The melancholy of the entire album is one for melancholies. Not to turn anyone away from seeking this fine album out, but I wouldn't want to announce him as your wedding singer.

A song like "For A Woman's Love" is one of the more outstanding compositions I've heard for long time - up there with James Taylor's best. That's one nametag for you, another is Paul Simon and a third - at his most sensitive - is Nick Drake.

I bet this will be on the "most played" list on my iPod as the autumn leaves fall around me. And a fine soundtrack it will for certain be.

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