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Raga Rockers
Aldri mer

Michael Krohn and his Raga Rockers returns with a new album, their 10th (not counting live recordings), and it's been seven years since their last offering. The first taste from the album is this poppy single choice, "Aldri mer" (No more). Hey, hey, hey - a tasty piece it is!

Raga Rockers has been one of the Norwegian rock bands since they started back in the early 1980s. Punk/new wave attitude, classic 1970s rock action. Topped with Krohn's streetwise and energetic lyrics, laconic yet rich and flavoured. They're a monumental and iconic band. Respect. And, "Aldri mer" is vintage Raga rock. Catchy, riffy, cocky. With Krohn's wisdom of never to be caught in the usual trap of love and deceit again. Never. No more.

The band (the rhythm section, bassist Aiello and drummer Kristiansen, has been on board since the first album, while guitarist Aune, who was a Raga Rocker on album 4 and 5, returns after some years absence) is tight as ever, and will probably - again - make sure there'll be a lot of steam and action in Norwegian clubs when doing another tour this autumn.

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