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Fredrik Ness Sevendal
No Foly Bow

With No Foly Bow Fredrik Ness Sevendal has launched one of the most exciting Norwegian albums of the year when it comes to the improv-exerimental-alternative genre.

Sevendal, who's done a lot of work both solo as well as in bands (Slowburn, DEL) and in collaboration with many others, domestic (Lasse Marhaug) as well as world wide (Bill Wood, Makoto Kawabata, Mark Francombe), and his guitars create sound-scapes floating and hovering in every direction at once. Yet it sounds quite tamed and controlled. This is instrumental medicine for the soul. It's musical transcendental meditation, with some waking state of consciousness. Or it's music to travel underground (check this with headphones while taking the subway/metro).

There's a lot of repetitive themes on No Foly Bow, including glimpses of mysticism and fairy-folklore. Slightly spooky, but mainly comfortably.

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