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Raga Rockers

A big hand and a welcome back to Michael Krohn (well, Krohn's been around putting out one record as Krohn & Cot, as well as two albums with his Easy Riders band) and his Raga Rockers. Living legends in Norway. Still rocking. Still rolling. Still doing their Raga riffs.

Übermensch is their 10th album since their 1983 debut, a record still among my Norwegian top faves. Yes, I can clearly recall the day I bought The Return of the Raga Rockers, which was the excellent title of their first LP. A classic album, followed by another smashing album, Maskiner i nirvana. I must admit I prefer their "old stuff", even though Krohn and Raga never turned bad. Yet, I feel that the first 2-3 albums had the young energy, a spiritual freshness and a tough elegance which is a tough act to follow. Now, with the new Übermensch I sense it's more back to basics, back to the classic Raga song book. And I feel almost as happy as when I put on Return of... for the first time. Almost. Because Übermensch isn't as good, but, it's a real good shot. The record clocks in at 38 minutes, which is loong player in Raga land. A couple of songs less and the album would have been really great.

Michael Krohn still is a real cool guy.

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