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coverpic flag US - Indiana - Full Moon 134 - 08/28/07

Tom Stevens
Avebury Records

Being a huge fan of everything out of the Paisley Underground from the bottom and up, there's simply nothing about this Tom Stevens record I don't like. Here's a man with both feet firmly planted on the floors of the music clubs in LA and a twangy Telecaster strapped around his neck.

His new collection of new songs is the first since 1995's Another Room, but he's for certain spent his time well at crafting jangling good tunes and tuning his guitar to the beautiful dirt in the back of his amp. The drive and jangling of "Flame Turns To Blue" reminisces of both Byrds and Big Star, while "Tornado" sounds almost like the perfect blend between Green On Red and Dream Syndicate. Almost, because it's still significant.

There's a whole lot of Elvis Costello, both vocally and in the writing, mixed with the best side of Tom Petty - yet all of these references don't really mean a thing when you turn it up and tune in.

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