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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 135 - 09/26/07

The Breakers DK
Here for a Laugh
Funzalo Records

The Breakers DK seem here to play a little Faces-inspired rock and then exit drunkenly swaggering. The Danish band get things going nicely with the neat opener "Dance The Go-Go" and the soulful ballad "Tried So Hard". Singer Toke Nisted and fellow band members seem to have heard and absorbed prime Thin Lizzy. Not that they do anything new or original but a good time seems guaranteed when this record plays. They've even named a track "No Sentimental Rubbish" but their hearts are in the right place. The title song sees Nisted use his raucous voice to the best and the guitarists excel. This album is a perfect party starter and could make the dead dance.

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