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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 135 - 09/26/07

Los Plantronics
Rancho Notorious!
Mariachi Productions/Big Dipper Records

Norwegian 'Mariachi Death Surf' band Los Plantronics has been around for more than 10 years with their wild blend of fuzz surf, Link Wray, the Trashmen, mariachi brass, greasy garage grooves, and spaghetti western with twangy guitars and horns (Morricone/Leone style - in fact there's a bonus track cover of "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"). Los Plantronics sure is a party band, with a cartoonic twist.

Not that the music is right up my alley or my cup of tea, but I sort of get impressed by the energy and the will power of a band going all the way like this. I'm pretty sure the best way of experiencing Los Plantronics is watching them live, in full frontal party action. With all parts partying, shooting up loads of tequila. Of the 14 tracks there are a handful of covers, including the classic psychedelic gem "You're Gonna Miss Me" (Roky and his 13th Floor Elevators), the garage rock gem "Good Times" (Nobody's Children), and the bubblegum punk icon "Sheena is a punk Rocker" (Ramones) - the latter of course done surfy instrumental style with a full horn stretch.

Some of their own material I find a bit too anonymous, but as I've already mentioned Los Plantronics is a party unit. I guess the right live party exposure is the better way to get presented to the band's music. Anyway, Rancho Notorious! (you can't be all wrong naming your album after a classic Fritz Lang movie, starring Marlene Dietrich) is showing an energetic band with a lot of steam and stamina. But, mind you, the last 's word', songs, is as important to make an album last a bit longer than its real time.

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