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KT Tunstall
Drastic Fantastic

With her debut album, Eye To The Telescope, in mind - fronted by those hits "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly I See" - I couldn't manage to open my mind and ears to the first round of her newest, "Drastic Fantastic". But it kind of grew on me. Might be autumn coming over us or the longing for The Bangles, I don't know.

A song like the opener "Little Favours" is a catchy piece very hard to resist on a cold day. Although light as a leaf and heavily produced I'm kind of charmed by it. I'm not here to bash the beauty of pop but opening up to something that might be playing on the radio these days (as radio is impossible to listen to for all its crappy music).

The problem with records like these is the polish that is smeared all over them. The essence being good, catchy - although not very inventive or original - songs that don't tell much you haven't heard before, it might just be what you want to give your Dead Kennedys a rest for.

So, don't come around here calling me old and grumpy, as I've admitted my liking to "Hold On", heard the potentials of "Hopeless" (would have been a marvellous Stevie Nicks cover, by the way), hummed the chorus to "I Don't Want You Now" and felt the lightness of "Someday Soon". KT's a girl for her guitar and a steady singer of her songs.

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