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Merge Records

Dan Snaith is Caribou. He used to be Manitoba. But, then Handsome Dick Manitoba (front man of mid-70s hard rock/garage rock/punk rock outfit the Dictators) came along and claimed the rights for the Manitoba trademark name (even though he hadn't had a record out for some 15 years). Anyway, Snaith put out two albums as Manitoba -- go for Up in Flames (2003) as a starter. Then, under the new moniker of Caribou came the acclaimed The Milk of Human Kindness (2005). Here's the latest - and what a feast!

Andorra (the country) is one of the smallest around Europe (not counting the Pope's backyard). Population: ca 72,000. It used to be a poor country. Now, they've got the highest average life expectancy in the world. Andorra (the record) is probably one of the most pleasant records this year. Duration: ca 45 minutes. Indeed very rich sounding. And, it might stand out and live long as a classic.

Andorra makes me think of bubbles. Its pure adrenaline rush light-psychedelic pop-electronica is highly addictive and for sure a tonal high. Imagine having sparkling wine shot straight into your veins. From the opening "Melody Day" and throughout the delicate collection of 8 other tracks, you'll get lifted up and away, to relax, or rather, dance on puffy clouds of blissful music.

In need of a lonely "planet"? Try Andorra. It's a thrilling adventure.

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