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coverpic flag Russia - Full Moon 136 - 10/26/07

Rattus and the Scientific Method Orchestra
Solar Chronicles
No Label department

Here's a new EP/mini by Russian Rattus (a.k.a. Alexey Sukhorukov), who impressed me with Kind of Hell a few moonths back.

Solar Chronicles holds 5 songs, and is another pleasant surprise from the East. Rattus play melodic ambient pop on the chill-out side, but there are also some tougher moments on the record. "Solar Energy" opens the EP carefully and it's slightly reminiscent of Sigur Rós (say, off their Ágætis byrjun album). "Heaven" (a cover of the David Lynch song "In Heaven" from the Eraserhead movie) is more on the Portishead track, with its female vocal (re-use of the Lady in the Radiator's voice). "Invisible Objects" gaze a bit more to the rock side, with bass beats and drum beats kicking in, penetrating the flight sound of the synth. The closing "Step to Horizon" is a neat finale, short and focused slow-beat lounge electronica with a soft punch. And a glimpse of sun.

Again the wrapping and design is tasteful and delicious. As last time we're getting some mystic warning info: "Nervous sound again! We're sure that you'll suffer. Rattus and the S.M.O. is not responsible for the health damage and psychic dysfunction you may get while listening this CD." No problem. I'm all fine. No pain, no breakdown. All in all a fine record, which might feel a bit too slow midway through. Lunar chronicles up next?

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