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The Moon And Stars Remain In The Morning Sky
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Moon And Stars Remain In The Morning Sky has the chance to become one of the debut albums of the year, even if it was recorded 3 years ago. Iretsu couldn't afford a release then. Now they've gotten themselves a record deal with Hidden Shoal.

Portland quartet Iretsu did put out an EP back in 2003. After recording The Moon And Stars... they went on to create music for a show based on the life of Nazi German's propaganda film ace director Leni Riefenstahl. Mitlaufer was performed live a number of times (as well as recording it). The Moon And Stars... is a collection of 11 tracks clocking in at near 46 minutes. Arcade Fire has been dropped as a reference, except that Iretsu have got a more loungy, jazzy feel to their music. They're also more into some electronic, experimental stuff. Elegant chamber pop and exciting indie pop, neat arrangements, a fine mix of male/female vocals, strings, banjos, etc. "Avant-everything", as they've been labelled. A fine balance of experimental and more 'regular' pop it is.

This could be the right album for all the dissapointed Arcade Fire fans who got turned off by their second album. A great album that is growing during every new spin.

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