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Sankt Otten
Wunden Gibt Es Immer Wieder
Hidden Shoal Recordings

German Sankt Otten is a way cool duo. File under: Blissful, gliding, instrumental pop electronica. Password: melancholia. Access. Listen. And enjoy.

When Tim reviewed their debut album, Wir koennen ja Freunde bleiben, he wrote: "In short, Sankt Otten make the kind of music that sends film reels spinning in my head, and is ideal for driving around cities to, especially if you're wearing a trenchcoat, smoking a cigar, and are just about to meet up with a ballet dancer called Helga who needs rescuing from cornflake-eating robots from outer space..."

The Osnabrueck, Niedersachsen twosome (Stephan Otten on drums/sampling/programming and Oliver Klemm on guitar/keys) make pretty fantastic music. Their floating, hovering melodies radiates with beauty and elegance. "Wunden Gibt Es Immer Wieder" is a foretaste from their new album (of the same title). "Wandertag" is not much different from its "A side" companion. Good, but maybe not as ace as "Wunden Gibt...".

This is dream music for being awake. Get hypnotized.

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