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Outer Sunset
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Outer Sunset is the debut album by New York indieans Monocle. The quintet, lead by Rich Bennett, pour out sort of Stereolabish, shoegaze (nowadays nicknamed 'newgaze') indie music with a touch of kraut. A cool sea breeze of sound.

Bennett's organs and keys paint big pictures in a slow mood. And the the sundried (maybe sunny as in sunset - hence the album's title) vocals of Sunny Kim match Bennett's, making an overall cool atmosphere. The guitar playing is quite distinct and the record has got a crisp and chilling sound. However, even there's quite a few nice songs, I don't get all that thrilled and enthusiastic. Don't know, but I guess I've heard one blurred hypno-pop song too many.

Don't get me all wrong, Outer Sunset isn't a bad album. It's just not the thing for me right now.

Outer Sunset will be released in the US in early 2008.

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