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The Retail Sectors
Foregone Conclusion
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Retail Sectors (A.K.A. Kentaro Togawa) took me pleasantly by surprise with the "The First Step to End the Life" single. Electronica pop, catchy like hell.

The Retail Sectors has put out quite a number of releases, and Foregone Conclusion is a collection of previously released songs, including remixes (by Si Begg, Maps and Diagrams, Yaporigami, and Headphone Science), plus some new stuff. "The First Step..." is of course a top-notch song here as well. "The Longing Song" shows (at least the remix does) a more cut'n'paste styled rhythm track almost interfering with the melody line. The layers of sound on some of the tracks (the remix parts) are dizzying and yet chilling. The soundscapes of The Retail Sectors' instrumental music are simple, yet complex.

The low-toned, mild-mannered "Kaze No Owari" is a great track. So is the closing "Beauty of the Depression", which is a silence/noise contrasted song. These two (new?) tracks stand out along with "The First Step...".

It's an exciting mini album, but I suspect a 'normal' record (a little less remix stuff) would do better. I'd better check out some more recordings. Some of the stuff (off last year's The Silence Was Warm) on his myspace site is mind-blowingly good. "Riverside Sunshade", need I say more.

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