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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 139 - 01/22/08

Ingrid Olava
Only Just Begun

Here's another debut from a young Norwegian female singer/songwriter (vocals/piano). There has been quite a number of young girls/women popping out over the last few years. Ingrid Olava (Brænd Eriksen) made some fuss during last year's by:larm (In the City) arrangement, and this single is the first taste from the forthcoming debut album, Juliet Wishes.

She's done some guest appearances (Sivert Høyem's Exiles and El Cuero's acclaimed self-titled debut from last year to name a couple), and Madrugada bass player Frode Jacobsen have been producing this and her coming longplayer. She's already received a lot of praise for some great, smaller concerts. So what about "Only Just Begun" then? I'm not sure, but I'm not convinced. As an artist (the singer/songwriter expression) Ingrid Olava makes me think of St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark (Sufjan Steven's live orchestra, plus The Polyphonic Spree big band). But I don't get enough input by this song only to really make up my mind. The orchestral arrangement (played by NRK's Krinkastingsorkesteret - The Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra) makes the whole thing sound a bit cheesy, I think, and I got this feeling of listening to an above average decent contribution to the Eurovision song contest.

Well, I don't find "Only Just Begun" all too interesting. I might be wrong of course, and I will for sure check out some more of her songs. Hopefully to prove me wrong. Ingrid Olava's career has, uh... only just begun.

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