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Mouse On Mars
Too Pure

Mouse On Mars is one of the leading bands in the modern electronic music genre in Germany. Their music can't be adequately described as techno since it isn't really dance music. Even the term IDM (short for 'intelligent dance music' - techno style music which ironically isn't meant to be for dancing, but rather for listening to at home) doesn't stick very well. Instead Mouse On Mars create their own style by blending techno elements, jazz, easy listening, ambient and drum&bass with dub-style production, strange bleeps and noises.

There are no vocals on this record except for some vocal samples on two tracks, which don't have any real lyrical meaning. Even the song titles don't say much, sometimes they're made of intentionally misspelled words that create an image by looking familiar at first glance, but don't make any sense in the end.

The result is sonically interesting, and experimental but very relaxed stuff. Good background music for doing the dishes in the homes of fans of experimental music. Some rhythms remind me of an old Weather Report record that I have, so I think it could also make great background music for a cool bar in the late nineties.

And this is also the low point of the album - despite the interesting effects, the music flows far too smooth to make a lasting impression. Once the record is over, you've already forgotten most of it, but then this is exactly the thing some people are looking for.

The future of easy listening ? Perhaps ...

The album is available on CD or double vinyl. Distributed by Rough Trade.

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