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Uit De Sloot
Uit De Sloot
Their own label?

The name of this band is taken from the Dutch proverb "Je moet geen oude koeien uit de sloot halen", which means: "Let bygones be bygones". Uit De Sloot make some 70's punkrock without the influences from the last 20 years. Their sound is a mixture of The Clash and The Ramones. All songs are sung in Dutch. The only thing they took from the years between 77 and 97 is the DIY tradition. They have used a well known punk voice from the answering device as a sample, way cool thing to do.

The songs are both funny and serious, even within one song (Hacker Jack). The last song on this album is called Punk Rock Nummer (Punk Rock Song), yeah, like the one from Bad Religion. When I heard this one for the first time it sounded a lot like the song from Bad Religion, but according to Jack & Maarten from Uit De Sloot that is only a coincidence.

If you're into the old 70's punk, this is one album you'll like.

Call Uit de Sloot at 020-6160335 (international +31 20 6160335) and leave a message on the machine. Or write to: Uit de Sloot c/o Jack Jansen, Bilderdijkstraat 146, 1053 LA Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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