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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 140 - 02/21/08

Scarlet Blonde
Bedroom Superstars
HyperMedia Recordings Ltd.

Scarlet Blonde is about throbbing electro pop with an eye on Goldfrapp's design for success. "Bedroom Superstar" is a superb opener, full of catchy beats and singer Dawny cooing like a demented siren.

"Electric" is a confident, Blur-ish pop nugget with Dawny at her brassiest. "One and One makes three" is a slower piece that nonetheless maintains a brash mode. Scarlet Blonde proves adept at handling their poppy sound. Its uptempo bits are handled well. "Instant Mash" is another potential hit that turns up the volume to eleven. Dawny delivers a gorgeous vocal against a crash of beats. It's a really neat debut album.

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