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coverpic flag Switzerland - Full Moon 140 - 02/21/08

Laurence Revey
Laurence Revey
Muve Recordings

Laurence Revey recorded parts of her new album in Iceland with producer Bardi Johannsson. The results are staggeringly atmospheric and soothing at once.

The single "I Know" is soft and hushed like the recent album by the wonderful Keren Ann. "Irraison" sees Revey veer close to the bewitching electronica by the French pixie Emilie Simon, but she has her own slant to it. Her hissing of the words is more than a little spooky. A cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Requiem pour un con" whispers ever so sweetly.

Just like she reenacts a rosy crucifixion on the album cover, it's deceptively sweet and undeniably provocative. She also sings songs in an old Swiss dialect and adds a modern twist to them. Laurence Revey's new album is a real treat.

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