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coverpic flag US - North Carolina - Full Moon 140 - 02/21/08

Stephanie's ID
Grus Americanos
Nine Mile Records

Stephanie Morgan who leads Stephanie's ID possess a lovely voice and uses it well on the bands uniquely skewed new album. Opener "Wash Us Down With Sea Saline" is noisy yet melodic glide that's reminiscent of Mercury Rev.

"Blue" continues the weird stream of songs with whispery vocals and a fabulous melody. The album soon gets electric and gives us the smoky sould of "Hey Hey Hey (it's gonna be ok)" where Morgan turns seriously sensuous. She's a versatile and dangerously wonderful singer. "Aeroplanes" is a gentle hush of a song and it proves the group's talent. Their many styles gel together well and make the album a treat to hear.

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