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Jefferson Pepper
American Evolution
American Fallout Records

Pepper's debut album, Christmas in Fallujah, came out as a bit too ambitious, but with just as many short comings. We stated it being too plain for its own good. Talk about being ambitious: this time around, Pepper has set out on a 3-record spree, starting off with telling the story of the USA from the period 1492-1940. Well, if this sounds too much like a history class, I'm glad to report that it's not.

As opposed to his debut, this first one in his coming trilogy really manages to sit in with me and come across a lot more self-assured. Not cocky, not preaching, just a lot safer at his stand. The variety of styles and sounds are better, the lyrics and stories more convincing.

I have a thing about admiring people that set out on ambitious creative projects with a over-hanging purpose. Jefferson Pepper is truly embracing that vision. And not only that - quite unlike Sufjan Stevens - he has set the dates for releasing the follow-ups in the trilogy. I will most likely pick them up, curious about whether or not he can move this forward and keep this fine standard he has set for himself.

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