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coverpic flag New Zealand - Full Moon 141 - 03/21/08

Liam Finn
I'll Be Lightning
Yep Rock

23 year old New Zealander Liam Finn (son of Neil Finn of Split Enz and Crowded House fame) is said to be some 'Indie wunderkind'. The multi-instrumentalist plays everything himself on his debut album, I'll Be Lightning (he's even doing album artwork, shooting his own publicity photos, as well as engineering and producing the album - which took place in his father's studio in Auckland, NZ). Even when performing live he's said to hold on to his multi-playful skills, with a rack of effect pedals and a multitude samples to recreate his recordings of bass, guitars, drums, yes, even the Theremin.

Opener "Better To Be" marks what Finn's up to, but the following "Second Chance" shows true glimpses of greatness. As a great songwriter and as a great performer. Finn's experimental pop music is catchy as hell, in a whimsical and serious way. Check the sensuality of "Fire In Your Belly" or the power of "Lead Balloon". There are so many possible favourite tracks here you can simply play the album from start to finish. Or, "Second Chance", "This Place Is Killing Me", plus the title track to name some very few. The Energy of this album is 100 per cent pure. "Music Moves My Feet", Finn sings. Let him move yours as well. And let your mind follow.

Liam Finn might be one of the most interesting and fascinating new indie-poppers of this year. Go check out!

PS! The entire recording was done analogue, there were no computers involved. And: The vinyl version of I'll Be Lightning will include 5 bonus tracks not on the actual album, as well as a special edition CD (available only in the vinyl packaging) featuring the album plus the vinyl-only bonus tracks.

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