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coverpic flag US - Colorado - Full Moon 141 - 03/21/08

Turn 4
Faders Up
Fuckall Y'all Records

Turn 4 plays modern country as in songs of girls, booze and general unclean living. "It's hard to play country when you're feeling the blues" they note on the first song. "Where I grew up" reflects on small-town hypocrisy and is worthy of a young Steve Earle. Its typically rambunctious and whiskey-sodden feel is nicely done. "The Bottle" is one of many songs on the subject and Turn 4 handles it well. "Nobody gets out alive" shows the band in truly abrasive nearly punk mode. "Old same place" is a typically well-played and sharp song. Turn 4 play a neat version of country and this is a good record.

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